Township Reminders – 04/30/2024

The Board of Commissioners regularly receive concerns from residents about Township happenings. We would like to remind everyone of some concerns that have been brought to the Board’s attention more frequently now that the weather is getting nicer.

  1. The Dog Law. You MUST have your dog on a leash when outdoors. When walking your dog, please be respectful and pick up after them if they go to the restroom; no one wants your dog’s waste in their yard.
  2. Property Maintenance. We have a wonderful community here in Patterson Township and we would like to keep it that way. We enforce the International Property Maintenance Code to keep our community safe and clean. This means, NO debris in the yard, NO cars without a valid license plate and state inspection stickers, and NO high weeds.
  3. Outdoor Burning. Outdoor burning is NOT permitted within the Township except for  outdoor cooking and related activities.

Thank You for helping to keep Patterson Township A Safe Family Community!