Trash & Recycling

PA Law, Act 101, Mandates Trash & Recycling Program

Pursuant to Act 101, Patterson Township provides a comprehensive trash and recycling program for residents. Please contact the Township office to obtain a recycling can or for more information.

Please click to view the 2024 recycling calendar – 2024 RECYCLING CALENDAR

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to recycling, please contact Aiken Refuse at 724.758.9400. For a list of common contaminants, please click the link – Common Contaminants


Waste Management Companies

Effective 01/01/2023, J. Young Refuse and Joseph J. Brunner Refuse will no longer serve Patterson Township. If you need to choose a new waste management company, please contact Aiken Refuse or Valley Waste.




Aiken Refuse (724) 758-9400
Valley Waste (724) 843-9373


Aiken and Valley Waste accept Christmas trees for a fee. Please contact them in advance to make arrangements.



Recycling Company – Effective 01/01/2023




Aiken Refuse (724) 758-9400  

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