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Township Residents Always Have Well Founded Questions And Concerns About Local Goverment And The Services Provided. With That In Mind, We Have Developed This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page To Assist You In Getting The Information You Need When The Various Office And Department Staffs Are Not Readily Available By Phone.

Do We Have A Burning Ordinance??

Patterson Township's Burning Ordinance Allows Burning From 7:00 AM To 6:00 PM On Tuesday And Saturday ONLY. The Ordinance Was Amended In April Of 2002 To Restrict Burning To Paper, Cardboard And Twigs ONLY. No Plastics, Shingles, Petroleum Products Or Leaves Are Permitted To Be Burned. Large Brush Piles Must Be Burned Under The Supervision Of The Patterson Township Fire Company And All Fires Must Be Containerized And Attended While The Burning Is In Progress. A 1st Offense Is Normally Handled With A Warning, But 2nd And Subseqent Offenses Could Be Penalized Up To $300 Per Incident

Do We Have Dog Laws??

Patterson Township's Dog Ordinance Allows For A Maximum Of Three Indoor Animals Or Two Outdoor Animals. No Leash Is Required On The Owner's Property, But All Dogs MUST Be Leashed When Off The Property. Additionally, Any Dog Feces Must Be Cleaned Up And Disposed Of Properly By The Dog Owner. The Ordinance Also Provides That Incessant Or Unnecessary Barking Which Creates A Nuisance Is Prohibited At Any Hour. Again, The 1st Offense Is Normally Handled With A Warning With 2nd And Subsequent Offenses Penalized By Fines Up To $300 Per Incident

Do We Have Zoning Ordinances??

Patterson Township's Zoning Ordinances Are Detailed And Sometimes Confusing. To Be Sure, Before Undertaking Any New Construction, Remodeling Or Real Estate Changes, Please Call The Township Offices @ 843-8339 To Speak With Zoning Officer Randy Morrow. Make The Call BEFORE You Begin So You Don't Make Costly Mistakes

Do We Have A Curfew??

Patterson Township's Curfew Ordinance Requires That No One Under The Age Of 18 years Is Allowed To Be In Public Between 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM. This Ordinance, As With Others, Is Not Always Enforced To The Letter Or To The Exclusion Of Good Judgement Or Circumstance. With Our High School Residents Having Jobs, There Are Legitimate Circumstances When A Person Under The Age Of 18 Years Might, By Necessity, Be Out After 11:00 PM. Exceptions Are Allowed For With Good Reason. Please Call The Police Department @ 775-0883 or 846-8400 To Discuss Your Personal Situation

When Do I Have To Get A Permit??

Seems Like Everything Requires A Permit These Days, But The Ones Most Frequently Sought Are Ones For Building (See Zoning Above), Political Signs ($10 Fee), Swimming Pools (Call The Township Office @ 843-3117) And Soliciting (Again, Call The Township Offices). If You Have Any Question In Your Mind About Anything, PLEASE Call Us Before You Undertake Your Project!!

Does My House Need A Number??

Not Only Is It Required By Ordinance (With Up To A $1000 Fine), It Just Makes Good Common Sense To Have Your House Numbered. In An Emergency, Seconds Are Precious And Having The Police, Fire Or Emergency Medical Personnel Able To Quickly Identify Your House Could Mean The Difference Between Surviving Or Falling Victim To A Tragedy. The Ordinance Requires That The Numbers Be In Close Proximity To Your Entry Door, Be At Least 4" By 3" In Size And Most Importantly CLEARLY VISIBLE From The Street.

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